How to Maximize Your Los Angeles Car Accident Compensation

    Every now and then, a car accident happens and someone ends up filing a car accident claim. While more and more people are filing for claims in Los Angeles, the amount of money that the victims receive is nearly as enough as it should be. 

    There are many reasons behind it: ignorance, bad information, no attorney present, bad investigation. 

    If you ever find yourself in a car accident, you should immediately contact one of our Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers and schedule your free initial consultation. Here is how they will help you maximize your car accident compensation.

    Detailed Investigation

    Once you hire an attorney, things become a lot easier for you. You receive more time to focus on your recovery while someone else is managing your case. Our attorneys will do everything they can to carefully recreate and investigate the place of the accident; they will take statements from any witnesses that were present at the scene, take photos of the accident, contact the insurance carriers and start working on your case. As a victim of the accident, your job is to speak with your attorney and be as accurate and transparent when mentioning the details.

    But before you speak with your attorney, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of winning your case and receiving a higher compensation.

    Wait for The Police To Arrive

    Even if your guts tell you to leave or if you are late for your job, you should stay and wait for the police to arrive at the scene. Once they do, they will write a report and take information from you and the other party or parties involved. Even if you are guilty, never admit guilt or say that you are sorry in front of an officer or anyone else at the scene. 

    In case you are a victim, you should take personal information from the party involved, from all the witnesses at the scene, and if possible, take photos or record videos of the location and the sight of the accident. This will greatly boost your chances of winning the claim. 

    Collect a copy of a police report before you leave the scene, and use it along with your medical records and medical expenses to ask for a higher compensation.

    Negotiate The Deal

    The final step is negotiating the deal with the insurance carrier. They will approach you as quickly as possible, and offer you an initial deal. Every experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles will tell you not to take the first deal, as it is nowhere near to the true value of your case. Instead, negotiate the compensation and let your attorney present the evidence both of you have collected. Once the insurance adjusters see that they have no way out of the situation, they will be forced to offer you a better deal, or proceed to court where the judge will make a final decision. 

    Either way, if you try and deal with the situation without a highly skilled and experienced attorney, you will most likely get less money than you deserve, or even lose the case. Keep that in mind the next time you find yourself in a car accident. 


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